42LIVE_ Creative Use of Continuous Lighting with Stan Evans and ARRI

42LIVE_ Creative Use of Continuous Lighting with Stan Evans and ARRI

Photographer Stan Evans demonstrates how to create imaginative imagery in photography with continuous lighting!

Sponsored by ARRI

Looking to create vibrant, eye-popping portraits? Join photographer Stan Evans as he shows you how to use continuous lighting to do just that. During this event, Stan will capture images in real-time using ARRI Orbiter and SkyPanel, and he will explain the following:

· Development of concept
· Camera settings for the best results using continuous lighting
· Light placement and settings
· How to mix strobe and continuous lighting
· Painting with color

About Stan Evans:


Stan is a portrait photographer with a deep passion for portrait, lifestyle, athletic, and motorized imagery. Stan helps brands like Coca Cola, American Express, Facebook, and Backcountry tell stories through images.

Being a minority and raised as an army brat helped Stan to develop a unique perspective. As a kid, he quickly learned to view the world from many different perspectives, not only to survive but also to thrive. Within that spectrum, a camera gives the ability to ask questions of personalities and observe culture instead of judging. Rather than just taking a picture of someone, Stan often tries to put himself in that person’s shoes. How do they see themselves? How do they want to be portrayed? Am I seeing something about them that perhaps they don’t even see themselves? Bringing those aspects front and center is the beauty of photography.

Check out some of Stan’s work below!

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