How building designers get recognized.

How building designers get recognized.

Welcome to part two of a five-week series.

I started this off with an article I read in Forbes.

It lists seven reasons every business needs a website, the top reason, credibility.

Last week I talked about building credibility by winning awards.

This week, let’s talk about putting some letters behind your name.
I know you’re well qualified.

You’re already a high achiever. That’s why you’re watching this video.
But if you’re designing homes, you’re competing against people who aren’t and don’t.

Besides, you feel like something is missing. Right?

Several organizations provide a wide range of certifications.

Some of you have designations from the NAHB, such as CAPS and CGP.
Others through the NKBA.

Our friends at NADRA offer deck certifications.

And of course, the AIBD offers the Certified Professional Building Designer certification – CPBD.

Announcing that you’re certified is undoubtedly noteworthy, and you should include it on your website.

I know, between midnight and five AM, when you have time.

Fiverr () and Thumbtack () are two resources I’ve used to hire graphic artists, voice actors, photographers, and today’s point bloggers.

Here’s an article on hiring ghostwriters:

I found it on DDIY, Don’t Do It Yourself.

There’s an important point in the article, “Posts should be keyword optimized for search engines.”

Even with a ghostwriter, you’ll have to come up with the keywords.

The AIBD blog can help.

Check out this article titled “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for building designers.”

I’ll provide the link in the video transcript.

Now, here’s how to add your designations to the AIBD member roster.
Log into your profile in the Hub.

Press “My Account” and then “Edit/View Information.”

Scroll down to the “Designation” field.

Oh, if you don’t already have your CPBD designation, click this link to get a $50 gift card to use towards your application fee.

The clock’s ticking. The offer ends at the end of the month.