@CarryMinati VS @PewDiePie || Pewdiepie roast || Pewdeipei roast india ft @T-Series

@CarryMinati VS @PewDiePie || Pewdiepie roast || Pewdeipei roast india  ft @T-Series

​ CarryMinati VS PewDiePie |
pewdiepie roast | pewdiepie roast india
| pewdiepie vs t series || algrow

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thumbnail inspired by “algrow” @Algrow

so in this video i do a “pewdiepie roast ” basically ” Pewdiepie vs carryminati / carryminati vs pewdiepie ” OR ” pewdiepie vs t series / t series vs pewdiepie ” .
pewdiepie play ” pewdiepie minecraft ” on his channel . ” pewdiepie song ” OR ” pewdiepie diss track ” in that song he abused to india and this video is a reply to pewdiepie of bich lasana / bich lasaniya .
carryminati is a roaster from india he makes ” carryminati song ” , ” carryminati roast tik tok” ,” carryminati roast ” , “carryminati new video ” , etc on his channel
seo tips form “algrow”& “mr logic” @Mr Logic
my youtube channel – “araster”

Sorry For Bad quality of audio bcz it is Recorded in JIO PHONE(1500)

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for laughs.

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