finding [Amy] – 尋找「Amy」的許先生

finding [Amy] – 尋找「Amy」的許先生

2021 ‧ Disaster Documentary ‧ 00:03:00

This work is all about the connection between Mr Hui and me.

Actually, Mr Hui is just a stranger who has posted notices around the street. For me, I am just his audience and the one who laughed at him before. The reason why I laughed at him is that I thought Mr Hui is just a foolish elder.

However, after returned home, I remembered someone called ‘Amy’ and was texting my friend and me separately via WhatsApp. I retook a closer look at this photo and realised that ‘Amy’ is also who Mr Hui wants to search for. Therefore, I tried to send him a WhatsApp’s message.

I sent him the 2 screen-cap photos, hoping them will give him some clues, whether valuable or not. When I was communicating with Mr Hui, I found that what is stolen from him is not money but his feeling of love. He tried so hard to ask strangers for reaching ‘Amy’ again. I saw his courage and hope from his voice messages, no matter he can successfully find ‘Amy’ or not.

I have a strong feeling that there is a connection between Mr Hui and me for sharing the same feeling but in different situations.

3 years ago, I was so confused and concerned for my own future. I hadn’t had an offer from any university. Therefore, I took a long, long walk in Hong Kong with my friend. We decided to take the ferry back and forth from Sai Wan Ho to Kwun Tong and then went to Tsim Sha Tsui by bus.

I didn’t know why I had to walk before, but now I thought I just wanted to be relaxed and have the strength to pass through that waiting period. The first 9 photos are what I took by the ferry. I saw ‘lonely’ objects. For instance, a man was singing, a stone bench with its shadow, a bicycle with one wheel… However, the sign on the ferry just told me to remain seated until the ferry is berthed. Therefore, what I needed or need is patience and to keep calm, no matter whether it is a happy ending. For the last photo, an old man was holding a weird ritual wishing for rain behind the Victoria Harbour. Everyone thought he was crazy, but he didn’t care and continued. I admire him. Therefore, I took that as the last photo.

For me, I think Mr Hui shares the same feeling as me of 3-year-ago. Not knowing if it works or not, but we still have faith. Therefore, this video, collaborating with my photos and Mr Hui’s voice messages was born.